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Whale Watching Maui

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Whale Watching Philosophy

In the depths of our hearts, we cling to a simple truth: we fiercely protect what we hold close.

With an unwavering adoration for the ocean, we embark on a profound quest, humbled and overjoyed to unveil the wonders concealed beneath the majestic waves.

It is our deepest hope that you, too, will be swept away by an indescribable love for this awe-inspiring realm.

At Whale Watching Maui, we embrace our sacred duty as guardians of the seas and the natural world.

Every expedition we undertake is an exquisite tapestry woven to evoke your emotions and forge an unbreakable bond with nature.

Whale Watching / Dive Maui


Preserving the Ocean’s Legacy

At Dive Maui, our hearts beat in unison with a greater purpose: preserving the wonders of the deep for the future generations that follow. Our unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability guides every aspect of our business and diving practices.

In the vast expanse of Hawaii, we are blessed to call this paradise our home. It is this profound connection to our surroundings that fuels our relentless commitment to being stewards of the environment.

With unwavering devotion, we adhere to the highest standards and protocols, ensuring that each dive is an act of sustainability. We do this not only for ourselves but for the souls who will dive into these waters long after our time has passed.

Our Environmental Commitment

Deep within the depths of our souls, we hold an unyielding promise to nurture the ocean and its inhabitants, as we embark on a profound journey of environmental practices at Dive Maui.

Together, we shatter the chains of single-use plastic water bottles, liberating our facilities and boats from their grip. In their place, we embrace refillable jugs brimming with pure water and refreshing juice, while gifting each diver a cherished memento—a reusable water bottle crafted from recycled materials.

Above and below the water’s surface, our dedicated staff stand as guardians of nature’s wonders. Through our enlightening dive briefings, we share the secrets of minimizing our impact on these hallowed sites. Furthermore, our staff diligently practice diving protocols, empowering you to enhance your skills beneath the waves, unlocking the full essence of every dive while fostering an unwavering reverence for the marine environment.

The heartbeat of our business resonates with the rhythm of sustainable tourism. We warmly welcome your questions and invite spirited discussions about our steadfast standards. For we believe that only through unified efforts can we truly safeguard the ocean, preserving its magnificence for the generations yet to come.

Malama Kai Foundation

The Dive Maui team has partnered with the Malama Kai Foundation to install moorings on Lanai so we, and other dive operators, can dive without dropping anchors that destroy reefs.

Our team has taken a leadership role in the mooring line project. We are proud to have installed the last 15 moorings on Lanai that are permitted by the Army Corps of Engineers.

An Unforgettable Journey Aboard Hoku

Join us on Hoku, our beloved vessel at Whale Watching Maui, and embark on a voyage that will stir your soul. With a US Coast Guard Certification, Hoku is a 37-foot inflatable boat boasting an aluminum hull meticulously designed with the diver in mind.

Experience unparalleled comfort as you find solace in Hoku’s shaded and stable embrace.

Designed to minimize rolling and maximize stability, her centerline tank storage ensures a smooth ride underway and while moored.

Seamless access for divers is made possible through custom aluminum boarding ladders and stern doors.

Powered by twin ultra-low emission 300HP Mercury Verado Outboards, Hoku reaches speeds of up to 35 knots, making her the fastest dive boat servicing Maui and Lanai.


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