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If you don’t spot whales, we offer a free cruise for another chance. Our whale guarantee ensures your satisfaction.


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The Science Behind the Humpback Whale Migration to Maui

The Science Behind the Humpback Whale Migration to MauiThe Hawaiian islands are known for their stunning natural beauty and diverse marine life. One of the most impressive creatures that visitors can witness during their trip is the humpback whale. These majestic...

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Whale Watching on Maui

Tips and Tricks for an Unforgettable Experience.Whale Watching on Maui is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have on the island. With the chance to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, it's no wonder that Maui is known as one of the...

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What our guests says

Countless adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts have loved our whale watching tours from Lahaina.
Throughout the years, we have received valuable feedback, both positive and negative, which has helped us stay on the right track and continue to offer the ultimate whale watching experience in Lahaina.

We had the most amazing adventure with Dive Maui.

The hosts were knowledgeable and enthusiastic and the whale watching tour was the highlight of a 15-day vacation.

Mike Brixius

From Facebook

We had an incredible day whale watching. Randy and CJ were amazing. The whales came up close and personal.

I would highly recommend them. The smaller boat and tour truly allowed everyone to see and experience the whales.

Laura Desmond

From Facebook

Great whale watching trip with Dive Maui!

Captain Joe and CJ were great—Very knowledgeable!!

Saw a ton of whales and their calves today out in the middle- lots of action!!

Maria Barr

From Facebook

Loved going out on this spacious, comfortable boat — lots of room with great viewing from all sides of the boat, smooth ride and not like a big noisy boat that’s over packed with people. Our captain and guide did a great job at making sure we saw whales throughout the entire tour.

Laurie Pyle

From Facebook

Whale Watching, Maui

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